JacVapour Series E Review

It is no secret that we are already very fond of JacVapour as an e cigarette provider, and it’s not just us. JacVapour is, quite literally, competing for the label of “best e cigarette brand” in the UK. Mind you that JacVapour doesn’t have the funds to support a major advertising campaign like other brands such as Green Smoke. This begs the question: how are they vying for best e-cig company against all odds? Simple: JacVapour continues to innovate and think about consumer expectations regarding their products. One of those products happens to be the JacVapour Series E Starter Kit.

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Battery Performance:

The Series E battery offers 3 different voltages – 4.8v, 4.2v or 3.7v. True, there are not as many voltage options as other eGo type pens but this is more than enough for the average vaper. Additionally, some batteries tend to become very warm as you use it throughout the day. The Series E battery does not have this issue. More importantly, this battery will last you for at least one day on a full charge, even if you are heavy on usage. Battery charging time takes roughly four hours which is on the better end of the scale for these types of batteries. The only potential downside is the ‘fatness’ of the battery, but we actually prefer this as it does not end up looking like a traditional cigarette.

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Vapour Volume:

We love a large vapour amount so we started with the 4.8v, and boy did it impress! Each pull yielded a tremendous amount of vapour. It does not matter which tank you choose (this kit comes with 2 tank options) – both give off sizable vapour amounts. You can choose between the Pro Tank and the Aerotank. You also have the option of purchasing the kit without a tank, which yields a powerful hit as well. We recommend starting with the Pro Tank, which is the one we started with.

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Ease of Use:

The battery comes with the standard 5 click on and off feature. This may seem annoying but this helps protect from accidental battery usage if it’s in your pocket. Changing out the coil is very easy. Simply twist off and replace. As for the e qliuid: you don’t want to drip the e liquid directly in the center. Rather, drip it around the center. It will absorb much better and should last longer. Overall, it’s not a pre filled cartomiser (cig-a-like) e cigarette, but it is still one of the easiest vape pens to use. The learning curve is minimal.

JacVapour Series E

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For this product, the pricing and value is solid. Prices start at £39.99, which in our opinion, is a steal for what you are getting. This is actually consistent with most of JacVapour’s pricing, which is very competitive all around. Clearly, there are many benefits to being a private company – they can offer high quality products at deeply discounted pricing.

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Customer Service:

This is the only caveat to JacVapour that can *potentially* be viewed as a downside, as we pointed out in our initial JacVapour review. While the customer service experience is very good and the wait times are tops in the industry, they only offer e-mail support Monday-Friday during regular working hours. Phone and chat are unavailable, however email response times are excellent.

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Money Back Guarantee/Warranty:

JacVapour offers a 14 day ‘no quibble’ money back guarantee on any product other than unopened cartomisers/e liquids. Batteries and chargers have a 6 week warranty, while PCC kits come with a 16 week warranty.

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JacVapour offers some of the best shipping options of all e cigarette brands. You can choose between 2-4 day or 1-2 day shipping. If you place your order before 1PM, you may even receive your parcel that same day!

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The Verdict:

After all was said and done, it is no wonder why the JacVapour Series E Starter Kit is rated as one of the best vape pens in the UK. From battery performance to vapour volume to ease of use (which is very important, especially for people upgrading from cig-a-likes), we are confident you will love this product and never look back.

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