Prohibited In The 5th Degree Vaporizer Review

If you’re mostly into vaping plant matter and concentrates, your interest in Prohibited’s In The 5th Degree vaporizer has to be off the charts. This is a vaporizer that is specifically made to vape or dab herbs, wax, shatter, and everything in that category. There’s no e-liquid option for this vaporizer, which means Prohibited is counting on a great user experience despite that. Did they pull it off? Let’s find out!

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The Prohibited In The 5th Degree vaporizer is one sleek looking vape pen. It’s really more than a vape pen, but it basically looks like one, albeit a little larger. With only one button, and coming in several different colors, this is a good-looking product. Below that one button are three lights, and that’s about all. It was clearly built in a very functional way, but they managed to also give it a nice aesthetic with smooth lines and curves all around. It sort of reminds us of a coupe in automobile terms, with its power housed by an elegant exterior.

In terms of build, it couldn’t feel more solid for a vape pen type of vaporizer. A lot of the time you’ll hold vape pens and they feel a bit too empty inside. Like the exterior is there to hide what’s going on inside. Not with the In The 5th Degree vaporizer. It feels solid inside and out, with a good weight and a not many seam points. It isn’t one piece entirely of course, but Prohibited does a great job in making you feel like it is.


Now, this is where we were perhaps a little skeptical to begin with. After all, we aren’t used to reviewing vaporizers that do not have an e-liquid option. Prohibited is going after not only the dry herb market with this vaporizer, but also the concentrates market. That means it is still splitting its focus into two different types of experiences, which each have their own needs. This gave us some pause, until we actually got our hands on one and tried it.

The vapour output was quite simply impressive for a vaporizer of this size and scope. Whether using the stainless steel dry herb cartridge, or the wax cartridge with a dual quartz rod atomizer, it produced an incredibly satisfying vape. We preferred the wax cartridge a little in terms of the thickness of vapour and smoothness of flavour, but really you can’t go wrong with either one. This is one case where, despite having two focuses, the quality shines through on both. It’s easy to swap between them too, with the magnetic cartridges that snap into place.


The In The 5th Degree vaporizer has more features than meet the eye. It looks like a simple product with a few key features, and it is, but there’s more. You start with the easy to swap magnetic cartridges, and let’s not forget the magnetic charging cable. Having everything snap into place with magnets creates such a great user experience, that we don’t understand why more companies don’t do it. Prohibited makes it really easy.

You also have different options depending on your cartridge. With the concentrates/wax cartridge, you’ll be able to pick from three different voltage settings (3.7v, 4.2v, and 4.7v). You can do this easily, by pressing the fire button twice to cycle through each. For the dry herb cartrige, you can similar change settings but in this case it’s for temperature. You can choose from 390F/200C, 415F/215C, or 440F/225C.

That’s not all, however. Prohibited has made this vaporizer even more unique by giving you the option of turning it into a dabber or an e-rig. Purchase either of those optional accessories, and you’ll be able to take the In The 5th Degree vaporizer to an entirely different level of vapour production. These are typically more advanced setups that are now made consumer accessible with these easy to use add-ons.


Ease of Use:

One button! It starts with that, and it exemplifies how easy to use the Prohibited In The 5th Degree vaporizer is. You turn it on with just three button presses. You swap cartridges in and out, magnetically, at your leisure. Switching between power options is easy, as mentioned above you just need to press the fire button twice to cycle and you’ll see the lights below it indicate what it is being set to.

The same goes with the dabber and e-rig, which was so easy to get up and going. In no time at all, you have yourself set up to dab away. That makes this device one of the most portable dabbing setups we have ever encountered. Most companies don’t appear to put much effort into creating something so portable, but Prohibited has shown us how fun it can be, so I’m sure we’ll see more offerings.


You can pick up the In The 5th Degree vaporizer kit for as low as £169.99. This is definitely a larger investment than any old vape pen, and even more than most vape mods. Yet, this is the perfect melding of the two, giving you the convenience and portability of a vape pen with the optional performance capabilities of a vape mod and dab, and rig! Really, you’re getting a lot here and since it can take the place of multiple products, you’ll still extract a great deal of value from it. The price shouldn’t be an issue when you think of it through that lens.

The Verdict:

As you might be able to tell by now, we loved the Prohibited In The 5th Degree vaporizer. There isn’t a lot not to like. It’s portable, yet sturdy. It can heat up both dry herb and concentrates such as wax, but can also handle dabbing and performing as an e-rig. Basically, you can throw almost anything at this thing and it’ll still give you amazing vapour.

This is a high quality product that allows for a great deal of flexibility for vapers. You can just do so much with it, and you can’t get caught in the different menu options on the way there. Prohibited makes it easy for you, to the point where you may feel guilty getting such a good performance without putting in the hard work. Don’t. Just go with it and enjoy. It’s what we’ve been doing and certainly we recommend that you pick one up for yourself and have yourself some fun. Isn’t it time?

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