RipTide RipStick Review

Okay ladies and gentlemen, strap in for the latest review of the newest vaping device on the market. Yeah, yeah. We hear this all the time: “Brands are still making new devices?” Yes, they are, and for good reason. There have been various reports that 2019 would be the peak of vaping usage. That has since been debunked. Vaping is still growing as of 2020. Luckily, we now get to test out the latest in next generation e-cigarette technology.

Rip Tide is an up and coming vaping company. And as we pointed out above, yes, that’s still a thing. And no, we don’t believe they will come and go just like every other e-cigarette company (Green Smoke, JUUL, etc.). Rip Tide created a brand-new device called the RipStick. It’s an all in one vape pod system that aims to delivers higher satisfaction and better overall performance. So, how did they do? Let’s find out.

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Battery Performance:

Here is where things get interesting. The RipStick has a massively powerful…never mind. The rechargeable battery is only 500mAh. When we initially saw this, of course we were skeptical. Hello, it’s 2020. The average mAh in an e-cigarette battery is 1,000mAh. Who in their right mind would use a 500mAh battery? Fair question, and it’s the reason why we were skeptical. Turns out there is still not only a market for these types of batteries but also better performance than these same batteries from five years ago. The RipStick battery easily covers an entire day of vaping. And charging time via a C-type USB cable? One hour, tops. That is 50% faster than the standard devices from years past, and about double the amount of vaping time. Not bad for an entry level device.

RipStick Device

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Vapour Volume:

With a 500mAh battery, we weren’t expecting much vapour volume. In fact, even the now defunct Green Smoke e-cigarettes didn’t produce a whole lot of vapour (compared to other vape pens and vape mods on the market). Yes, they were the best e-cig starter kit at the time, but the vapour volume was slightly above average. With the RipStick, we experienced slightly more vapour than with the Green Smoke starter kit, which was a surprise to us. If you’re just getting into e-cigs right now, you couldn’t have picked a better time. With all the new technology that Rip Tide uses in the RipStick device (also known as NicTech), you’re getting better vapour volume on a battery like this than you would have a few years ago.

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Ease of Use:

We have said it before and we will say it again: there is nothing easier to use than your standard, entry level e-cigarette. Couple that with being disposable and the ease of use can’t be beaten. This is exactly what the RipStick is. There is no need for filling or refilling the tank with e-liquid, as all tanks come prefilled. You simply slip the tank into the battery. It connects via magnetic connection. Need to charge the device? Charge it as you would your phone via USB. Is your tank empty? Throw it away and put a new one in. That’s literally all there is to it. There are no buttons, no on/off switches. No coils. No cotton. No bottled e-juice. There’s a battery, a prefilled e-juice tank, and a charging cable. That’s it. And to put the icing on the case: it is extremely light weight and fits right into your pocket. In terms of usability, you won’t find an easier e-cigarette to use than the RipStick.

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Who here remembers pricing on an e-cig starter kit back in 2012? Heck, even in 2015 entry level starter kits were insanely overpriced. It was common to see prices between £30 and £80 per device! Enter: competition, and a lot of it, in addition to a wide range of new types of vaping devices. The vaping market has grown substantially, and every vaping company is trying to eat the other alive. That in it of itself brings prices down drastically. As such, a fully packed RipStick Starter Kit can be found for as low as £19.99. This comes with the device and one prefilled flavour cartridge (12mg or 20mg to choose from). Each additional cartridge is £3.99 – a bit pricey but nothing over the top, as one cartridge lasts for one day (for someone who heavily uses the device). If you’re using it traditionally, you’ll get 2-3 days use out of one pod. It’s also worth noting that you have six flavours to choose from – Bright Tobacco Leaf, Mint, Blue Raspberry, Mango, Tropical and Berry Crunch. Overall, the price of the starter kit is fantastic, while the pods themselves are average priced.

RipStick Package

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Customer Service:

There are no shortage of places where you can buy the RipStick from. After all, it’s a heavily coveted product as new vapers are still popping up every day. Still, we always recommend buying from a reputable company, one with a long-standing customer service track record. That store is V2 Cigs, who operate phone, email and live chat support options during standard business hours.

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Money Back Guarantee/Warranty:

Although V2 Cigs isn’t the manufacturer of the RipStick, they do offer a 14-day money back guarantee that covers one kit purchase. It’s unlikely you’ll find a better money back guarantee than that. Additionally, if you receive a faulty battery, you can change it up to 6 months from your purchase date.

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Shipping is free as long as your order is over £49.99. You will need to order the RipStick Starter Kit, in addition to 8 individual pods in order for shipping to be free. While we understand that everyone’s budget is different, if you’re serious about switching to vaping, we’d strongly recommend you purchase at least 8 RipStick pods. That should last you roughly one month, and your order will be shipped free.

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The Verdict:

With it’s light-weight design and easy to use functionality, the Rip Tide RipStick should be your ‘go-to’ device if you’re a new vaper. Moreover, even if you are a seasoned vaper, you may still want to give this device a try as it’s an excellent alternative when you’re on the go. Add in the fact that it’s priced at £19.99, and you literally have nothing to lose. You can thank us later.

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