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E Cigarette Reviews UK welcomes our readers to our “offline” vaping portal – a directory of the best vape shops in various cities throughout the UK.

The growth of the e-cigarette world is quite comical; it took the opposite approach in regard to customers. Generally speaking, businesses open brick and mortar locations, which is only followed by an online store at a much later date. However, with vaping, products were initially sold online. Only recently have offline vape shops started sprouting up. Now? You can find a handful, if not dozens, of vape shops in many individual UK cities. So, how do you choose?

Our directory offers details on verified vape shops within cities in the UK. We give you all of the pertinent information, including the address, offerings, quality and pricing, if applicable. While the ratings are our own, they are also based heavily on thousands of other customer reviews. We hope our information assists you on zeroing in on the vape shop of your choice.

Vape Shops Near Me

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As it stands, there are already several millions of people across the UK who enjoy vaping. The majority of vapers have purchased vaping gear online after conducting rigorous due diligence. But now, a new revolution within the already newish e-cig revolutionary market is taking place: vapers are buying in droves from offline e cig shops in their respective areas. Yes, a traditionally online-focused market is turning to brick and mortar commerce. Now, you may be wondering: why would anyone walk into an offline e cig shop when they can simply purchase vaping products from the comfort of their own homes? Why are vapers asking: where are e cig shops near me? These are excellent questions, but ones that aren’t really too hard to answer. Here are just a few of many reasons why people are walking into e cig shops near them.

Convenience – huh? Convenience? Surely it is more convenient to order from your home, right? Well, not so fast. For starters, people don’t realise how much they aren’t present in their homes. With the rise of technology and instant gratification, people are always on the go. The chances that a vaper passes by an offline e cig shop while running errands is quite high, especially considering the amount of e cig shops there are in each city. Secondly, even after conducting the proper research before purchasing your vaping products, you are left to choose from hundreds of products online. How do you choose? This is unequivocally not convenient. By walking into an e cig shop near you, a vaper can simply tell the vape shop employee what they are looking for and be on their way within a matter of minutes.

Leisurely Activity – like going to a shopping mall, walking into an e cig shop near you has just as much appeal to it. The atmosphere, the setting, the quiet time, the fun – these are all factors that enhance the vaping experience over buying products on the internet. Meet other vapers, sit on the couch while sipping on your favourite coffee (and of course vaping) – there’s no question that going to an e cig shop is an enjoyable activity for all vapers.

Better Understanding – did you know that 70%+ people looking for vaping supplies are just getting into vaping? Even so, the majority of the remaining roughly 30% do not have the proper understanding of various e-cig starter kits, box mods, e-liquids, tanks, clearomisers, and accessories. Heck, most don’t even know what a rebuildable atomiser is. When you walk into an e cig shop near you, you truly open yourself up to the world of vaping. All vape shop employees have a full understanding of the vaping supplies and how they work. Unsure of what you need or how something works? Simply ask your questions and you’ll be prepared to completely enjoy vaping the next time round.

Sampling – many vape shops will let you sample products, primarily e-liquids, before making a purchase. On the other hand, once you buy e-liquids online and open the package, it is rendered ‘unreturnable.’ And let’s face it – who is interested in spending dozens of quid on e-juice only to find out you hate it? By going to an e cig shop, often times you can sample various e-juices so you can be comfortable with what you have purchased.

Ecig Store

Now that you understand the benefits of shopping vaping supplies offline, you are tasked with finding the right ecig store. But, that is much easier said than done. Did you know that, for example, in Birmingham alone, there are close to 100 ecig stores? And London? Forget about it. You could get lost in the world of offline ecig stores in one city! Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top five ecig stores in each city for your convenience. These are all verified ecig stores with thousands of vaping customer reviews combined. As we noted above, the ratings are our own, however we largely took into account these ecig store independent customer reviews as to which is the best ecig store in your area. Simply navigate above to the city of your choice and you will be presented with the top five ecig stores in your location. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please contact us!

How We Evaluate Ecig Stores

Customer Reviews

E Cigarette Reviews UK is only one opinion, and we really understand that. How could our opinion trump all others? This is impossible and would be outright unfair. Thus, we have strongly taken into account hundreds of other online and offline customer reviews of the ecig stores in each location. Based on these reviews, we have created a top five listing for each city / location.

Brand Presence

Does the ecig store in question have a reputable and recognised name? Reputation matters as the store owners need to uphold this status. Being a brand is one of the most important aspects in breaking down the ranking of a store. No presence in the media? Well, the sad truth is that you will be taking a chance by walking into a no name shop.


How many e-liquid brands are on offer? How many e-juices are for sale? What about box mods, starter kits, tanks, and other e-cig accessories? No one wants to walk into an ecig store to find an extremely limited selection. All of the vape shops in this category have an abundance of e-cig offerings in their stores. This is an integral aspect to look at when analysing how good the store really is.

Customer Service

Yes, there is a pattern here, and it’s all about the customer. Just like customer reviews, customer service is just as important. There are hundreds of vape shops throughout the UK, however only a few dozen offer notable customer support. If a certain vape shop is known to have low quality customer service, they won’t be listed here!

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