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Vaping Regulations: All Eyes on the US

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Less than one year ago, things weren’t looking too great for the vaping world. Governments across the globe started to crack down on electronic cigarettes, which culminated with the notorious TPD and FDA decisions. While thousands of pro vaping organisations lobbied on behalf of e-cigs, it wasn’t enough. Political leaders, likely encouraged by Big Tobacco companies, had their eyes set on the prize: severe limitations on the entire vaping industry. Though groups like SFATA should be commended, they are almost no match against powerful lobby groups with deep connections to lawmakers. But now, all that seems to be changing.

Since Brexit, we have already seen the Advertising Association call for a complete reversal of ideology in regard to e-cig advertising bans in the UK (as a direct result of the TPD). And now, with President-elect Donald Trump assuming office in the coming days in the US, vaping businesses are galvanizing the Trump administration to ease and delay the horrible FDA e-cigarette regulations.

SFATA themselves are extremely encouraged by the prospects of a Trump presidency for the vaping industry. A former SFATA director mentioned, “Suddenly things that were not conceivable became something we thought we could do.”

President-elect Trump has called for a numerous amount of laws and regulations to be repealed in the US, the most noticeable one being Obamacare. Thus, vaping groups see a strong opportunity to get the new US administration to repeal the FDA e-cig rules as well.

While no one knows what the President-elect thinks about electronic cigarettes, one thing they are sure of is that he is all for creating jobs and spurring high percentage economic growth, specifically in the US. In fact, while much the media focused on his tough immigration policy, most people would agree that his most important policy decision, by far, is related to the economy. For those of you who may not already know, the e-cig industry in the US is a big business, and will continue to grow by double digit percentage points year over year into the foreseeable future.

Let’s put aside the fact that e-cigs are likely to save hundreds of thousands of lives. This growth surely means thousands of more jobs and business. Is this something Donald Trump, a.k.a. “Mr. Business,” is going to pass up on? Say what you will about his supposed success in business, but we’re betting that should the pro vaping community get this in front of his eyes, he would strongly consider repeal of the FDA Deeming Rule.

A repeal, or at least a limited one, is something we desperately need right now, as Big Tobacco is looking to capture the entire market and drive every small and medium sized e-cigarette company out of business. You think we’re exaggerating? Here, take a look for yourselves.

Photo Credit: Flickr – Doc Pheelgood/CC BY 2.0