VApril in Full Effect; MPs Demand Vape Friendly Environment

While there are countless groups and individuals who have fought diligently for the rights of vaping worldwide, there are only a small handful who have really made a significant difference. This is not to downplay everyone else’s role; it’s simply just stating a fact. SFATA is one such group with an enormous impact on vaping. And of course, the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is another group which is helping the expansion of e-cigs, in the hopes of killing off tobacco for good.

Speaking of UKVIA, last month they launched a new initiative called VApril – an educational awareness initiative that helps encourage people to quit tobacco via vaping. On their website, they make it known that ‘if 1.5 million UK smokers can quit through vaping, then so can you’.

VApril is sure to have a great effect on UK smokers, just like its sister Stoptober. As usual, we can expect to see a sizable amount of resources allocated to this campaign. There will be a ton of awareness going around the UK. And, it doesn’t stop there. To make matters better, MPs and doctors have gotten in on the VApril action.

MP Mark Pawsey commented that it’s about time Parliament make its areas ‘vape friendly’. Moroever, famed doctor Christian Jessen said, “as a doctor it’s disappointing to hear that an estimated 40% of smokers still haven’t even tried vaping.”

This is all good news, combined with the recent report of the new bill to exclude vaping from the TPD.

If you’re still smoking and are interested in learning more about how to quit, you can take the VApril Challenge. You’ll be up and vaping in no time.

Photo Credit: Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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