VIP Electronic Cigarettes Continuing Their Domination

The surge in electronic cigarette sales has made a large impact across the board. From regular smokers to non-smokers to members of Parliament, everyone has something to say. One of the main reasons for this is because there is not enough long term information about the health effects of e cigarettes. The UK specifically has adopted new laws and regulations against e cigs – even more so than the US.

One of the more stand out laws in the UK that has gained a lot of attention has been the restrictions against e cigarette advertising. In the US, brands such as NJOY and Blu can have young famous people promoting their brands with very little restrictions. However, in the UK, there are several restrictions that make it hard for e cigarette brands to advertise to their target audience. Just last month, three e cigarette UK adverts were banned.

Yet, with all of these restrictions, it seems like e cig brands can still find some loopholes. Two months ago, UK behemoth VIP electronic cigarettes released a TV advert that promotes e cigarettes. VIP co-founder David Levin noted, “This advert will mark the first time in almost 50 years that TV audiences see someone exhale what appears to be cigarette smoke on an advert. However, it is actually vapour from an e-cigarette that they will see.”

This is not the first time VIP Electronic Cigarettes is making noise. On top of being one of the leading brands in the UK, VIP is one of the only brands really looking to revolutionize the industry, and not just in terms of game changing advertising. Last week, VIP opened an “e cigarette boutique” shop – a physical location where customers can actually create their own e-liquid flavours. This is clearly a first of its kind (really a second of its kind since VIP already opened one a few months ago in Westfield Stratford), even for brick and mortar vape shops. The new boutique shop is located in the Brent Cross Shopping Centre in Northwest London. This shop comes with an expert mixologist and a lounge that will enable customers to test out their newly made product(s).

VIP was able to make a name for themselves with their catchy advertising and creativity, as can be seen with their new boutique shops. This will surely bring an entirely new vaping experience to the e cigarette world, which will most likely lead to further brand exposure and expansion across the UK.

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