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Has the War on E-Cigs Finally Ended as Some Suggest?

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This past week was one of the most active in the UK e-cigarette market. In fact, since Brexit, there really hasn’t been all that much news regarding the fate of e-cigs. But, as we’ve mentioned in the past, when the news hits, it hits BIG TIME. And that’s exactly what happened earlier this week.

E-Cigarette Takeover

The UK government just released their five-year plan on tobacco control throughout the country. The aim of it is exactly what you’d expect: to reduce the number of adult, teenage and pregnant smokers, along with closing the gap in smoking prevalence between people in manual occupations and the everyone else.

On the surface, it seems like this has nothing to do with e-cigarettes. After all, even when e-cigs were out on the market for the first few years, they were never cited as a solution to this massive problem. Well, that has now changed.

In this five-year plan, the UK government seems to encourage vaping at work, as a viable smoking cessation aid. They said that bans on vaping products in the workplace should cease. We already know that they are amongst the best alternatives to smoking so that’s not shocking. Furthermore, we also know Public Health England’s stance on e-cigs. And with their stance, should anyone really be surprised by this?

Following Their Own Words

No, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Public Health England is the UK government’s health arm. So, it’s not like the government here is coming out in favour of electronic cigarettes for the very first time. They are simply reaffirming their benefits to the public. And yet, the pro-vaping community has celebrated this as a huge win for vapers. “The war is finally over! We’ll have the politicians on our side!” This is some of the whispers we have heard so far, and it’s only been 48 hours. However, we here at E Cigarette Reviews UK would like to say: settle down everyone.

This Fight Ain’t Over Yet

We must admit that it’s downright incredible to have the UK government on our side, especially looking at some other governments across the world and how they treat vaping. But, this has never been our biggest concern. Long time readers of our blog know that the single largest threat to the vaping industry is Big Tobacco/Big Pharma. After all, isn’t it they who donatelobby” so much to these same politicians? All of these Big Interest groups are a danger, and in fact the only real danger to e-cigs. Yes, you can celebrate this as a win, but we’re not “out of the woods” just yet.

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