Weirdest Vape Juice Flavours

The vaping market has expanded over the last few years. As more customers have poured money into this market, additional flavours of vape juice have become available.

By now, most people (or at least, most vapers) are familiar with the standard vape flavours: menthol, blue raspberry, grape, cherry, etc. And while these flavours are certainly delicious, they are relatively common throughout the vaping world.

Some companies have taken it upon themselves, however, to create vape juice flavours for the more adventurous. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the weirdest vape juice flavours that you can find on the market today.

Black Pepper

Considering the fact that black pepper is one of the most popular and distinguishable flavours in the entire world, it’s no wonder that people are trying to cash out on its popularity. Nevertheless, it’s a bit weird to see black pepper available as a vape flavour. Who wants to prolong the burn of black pepper?

As it would turn out, there are quite a lot of people interested in this. Now, thanks to black pepper flavoured vape juice, you have the opportunity to breathe in deep lungfuls of pepper flavour without coughing and sneezing.

Crab Legs

There’s no doubt that crab legs are a wonderful delicacy. But would anyone really want to make a point of inhaling the pure essence of crab legs?

It would seem so. While it’s not exactly easy to find these days, ECblend has been known to sell a crab leg flavored vape juice for the adventurous vaper.


Much like non-alcoholic beer can provide the taste and feel of beer for people who prefer not to actually drink alcohol, beer flavored vape juice can provide the same opportunity for those who would rather inhale their beer.

Wait, what?

This opens up a new world of opportunities. Now, it’s entirely possible to vape your beer while you’re sipping a pint at the pub. 

Hot Dog

Most people like hot dogs. Then there are people who really, really like hot dogs. The latter group fits the bill for the target market for Hangda hot dog flavoured vape juice. Now, you can enjoy the pleasurable sensation of inhaling a hot dog instead of having to go out for a smokie.


Pork-flavoured vape juices abound, another (surprisingly popular) vape juice flavour is bacon. There are a couple of companies who make bacon-flavoured vape juices for those people who can’t resist the allure of bacon smells wafting in from the kitchen.

Red Bull

Much like nicotine e-juice can be considered a viable alternative for people who want to stop smoking cigarettes, Red Bull-flavoured e-juice can be useful for people who struggle with addictions to energy drinks. 

Red Bull Horn E-juice mimics the flavour of the oh-so-savoury energy drinks that we’re all too familiar with. If you can’t get enough Red Bull but you’re worried about the impact on your nervous system, consider trying out Red Bull vape juice.

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