What Is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt is an interesting, effective, and potentially healthier alternative to the forms of nicotine that are used in standard e-liquid. Real nicotine salt is formed in the tobacco leaf and is very stable and overall better for you than the nicotine salts which are used in e-juices.

Nicotine salts became more popular once the JUUL was released. This device, which was able to vaporize natural nicotine salts more effectively, became an important part of the tobacco industry and people began to recognize the intrigue of nicotine salts.

The main difference is that nicotine salt doesn’t evaporate at the same temperature, so you’d need a hotter vape to evaporate the juice. Furthermore, the ions in the nicotine salt don’t move as quickly, so you won’t experience as satisfying or immediate of a ‘rush’ as you do when you use a vape.

Why Use Nicotine Salts?

If the actual nicotine doesn’t reach your brain as quickly as other forms of nicotine salts, why would you even want to use it?

Well, just because the nicotine doesn’t reach your brain as fast doesn’t mean that it won’t – and the fact that nicotine salt is much smoother than typical e-juice means that you can use much more than you would of just normal e-juice. Someone using nicotine salts would be able to vape anywhere from 7-15 times more nicotine in a single hit than they would with a normal vape juice.

Furthermore, the slower absorption of nicotine salts make them a more viable alternative for people who want to actually quit smoking, much like nicotine gum. The slow release helps people manage their cravings easier because the ‘rush’ won’t be as immediate or intense.

Nicotine Salt and Benzoic Acid

Nicotine Salt and Benzoic Acid

The reason that nicotine salt is palatable and effective when used in its commercial grade is because it’s usually mixed with benzoic acid, a compound that changes the temperature that it vaporizes at and also the concentration which becomes available to the individual.

For this reason, nicotine salts are becoming a viable alternative to more conventional e-juices and other forms of administering tobacco.

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