What is Vape Tongue and What Can you Do About It?

Vape tongue, also known as vaper’s tongue, is a condition that can affect people who use vaporizers on a regular basis. The main symptom of vape tongue is a significant diminishing of flavor. When someone is suffering from vape tongue, they will have a hard time enjoying the taste of their favorite foods!

Vape tongue is quite common among vapers, but the problem doesn’t usually persist for very long. It tends to come and go, and can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It’s possible that it can last for longer, but this is quite uncommon.

What Causes Vape Tongue?

The term vape tongue is actually a bit misleading, because the main source of the problem isn’t actually caused by the tongue. The majority of the issue arises from the nose.

In the nose lies our olfactory epithelium. This tissue is responsible for absorbing many of the flavors that arise in our mouth when we chew our food. The olfactory epithelium transmits the information about what we’re chewing to the brain, and we can register the type of food that we’re eating.

So in that sense, the sense of taste is actually more closely related to our nose than our tongue. However, the name vape tongue came into being because many people who experience the problem also experience a strange sensation on their tongue, as if it were coated by something thick. Often, many people attribute the lack of flavor (and not unjustly!) to this strange feeling.

Vape tongue tends to arise after you’ve been vaporizing for an extended period. The emergence of the problem tends to be gradual until a person becomes undeniably aware that they are suffering from some sort of issue regarding their ability to taste. Usually at this point, people begin to do research on the issue.

How to Manage Vape Tongue

There have been a lot of different remedies proposed for helping people manage and overcome vape tongue. Many of them don’t work – often because they are directed towards helping to enhance the sensitivity of the tongue, which isn’t the actual cause of the problem.

For example, many people suggest that switching flavors will help to cure the problem. This isn’t necessarily true, though switching flavors can have a small impact on improving the sensation of flavor. However, since the issue is a result of the vapour itself, switching to a different flavor won’t help you overcome the problem entirely. It may slow its progress, but it will undoubtedly catch up with you.

Other people suggest that you can just power through the condition. This is, again, unwise. The problem is caused by vaping, and continuing to vape will generally exacerbate the problem.

You might also be able to experience some benefit by brushing your teeth after vaping. However, the only surefire way to prevent vape tongue is to stop vaping. The problem usually doesn’t persist for longer than a few days. If it does, then you might need to seek medical attention.

In Conclusion

Vape tongue is an interesting problem that strikes people who use e-cigarettes. The problem causes a person to lose the sensation of taste.

Substances tend to let our body know when we are using them too much. If you’re experiencing vape tongue, then it’s a sign that you’ve been vaping too much or too hard. Slow down for a few days and you should regain your sense of flavor, and use this as a reminder to keep your vaping under control.

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