Will iQOS be Vaping’s Cause of Death?

If you vape, that means you have smoked tobacco at some point in your life. And if you’ve smoke tobacco in your life, then you are definitely familiar with all of the Big Tobacco companies. Philip Morris, Altria, BAT, Japan Tobacco International, Imperial, etc. – you know the names. And if you know then names, then you are already familiar with their newest product on the market – the iQOS.

We have previously covered the iQOS many times – here, here and here. And can you blame us for covering it so much? Not only has this device seen massive success in major markets, it’s unfortunately making a dent in vaping sales.

Now, as a vaper, you may ponder how that’s possible. The iQOS still uses tobacco while vaping devices use e-liquid…which is not comparable to tobacco. Yes, we vapers know this but unfortunately, countless people in the world do not understand this. Vaping is still (wrongfully) associated with tobacco.

To make matters worse, there are rumours that the iQOS is making its way into vaping shops across the country. If this becomes mainstream, this could spell big trouble for the vaping market.

Think about it. Politicians will line up, ready to throw insane regulations, or even bans, at the vaping market. The sight of the iQOS next to your favourite box mod will be too much for them to handle. And for the anti-vapers? It’ll be a dream come true.

If this was happening in the United States or anywhere else for that matter, it would still be a problem, but not as devastating as it is here in the UK. With all of the reforms and progress we have made…with all of the progressive stances we have here…to have that all thrown away simply because of the iQOS? It would be devastating.

Don’t laugh. This scenario is pretty likely if you truly visualise it. So, the next time you’re at your local vape shop and you happen to see the iQOS being sold, let them know this won’t be accepted by the vaping community. Vaping should never be associated with tobacco. Period.

Photo Credit: Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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