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If You’re Serious About Wanting to Quit Smoking, Read This Now

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For years now, groups and individuals alike have been trying to find a way to rid the world of tobacco. From new laws and regulations to help courses and addiction fighting, we have been able to reduce global smoking rates year over year. However, we have not quite been able to tackle the problem altogether. To make matters worse, it seemed like this lofty goal was unachievable. As we all know, tobacco is ‘a helluva drug.’ In the past, the motto was, “once you start, good luck quitting.”

Take a look at tobacco statistics charts over the years. They look pretty nice to the average individual. On these charts, rates have been dropping. The ‘line’ in the graph looks nice and steady…except for the fact that these charts generally do not take into account new smokers on an annual basis. Couple that in with clever dirty marketing tactics from Big Tobacco, especially meant to target teenagers, and we have a recipe for disaster. Essentially speaking, the quit smoking chart could continue decreasing steadily as it has over the past few decades, and yet we still wouldn’t eradicate tobacco. Not even close. But, in true shocking form, this seems to be changing.

Vaping broke onto the scene in 2006-2007. While it took some time to take off, and though many people initially considered vaping to be a fad, we come have a long way since then. So much so that it now seems the impossible is completely attainable: eliminating tobacco from the world.

You probably think that this is ludicrous. This is hyperbole, meant to merely entertain a fantasy idea. You probably think we’re crazy. Hold on a second though. You’re going to want to hear this.

Several months ago, we cited a report that claimed e-cigarettes helped 18,000 people in the UK quit smoking entirely in 2015. Of course, 18,000 people out of roughly 3 million e-cig users in the UK doesn’t look so promising, right? Yeah, we’ll give you that. We were a bit shocked ourselves at the report. Only 18,000 people? That doesn’t seem right. We personally know hundreds of vapers, the overwhelming majority of whom have quit smoking entirely using electronic cigarettes. And yet, the report only noted 18,000 people who switched to vaping and completely cut out tobacco from their lives. Well, good news. It seems that report heavily low-balled this 18,000-person figure.

Are You Ready for This?

We are all familiar with ASH – Action on Smoking and Health. You know, one of the largest (if not the largest) anti-tobacco groups in the UK. Yeah, them. They just put out a report noting that…wait for it…1.5 million vapers have completely given up tobacco smoking. BAM! They further noted that the message that vaping is much less harmful than tobacco has still not gotten through to all smokers. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some of the other 1.3 million vapers are also still smoking tobacco (dual users of tobacco and vaping).

So, two things come to mind. One: WOW. 1.5 million people have used e-cigarettes to stop smoking tobacco completely. That is insane. Two: we had a feeling back then that the 18,000-figure seemed way too low. We’re beyond glad that this report clarified the actual statistics.

But even more so, you know what this report tells us and should be telling you? If you’re really looking to quit smoking and have not yet switched to e-cigs, go for it. It’s now not only a proven and successful quit smoking method, but one that has the backing of various anti-tobacco groups and government organisations. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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